Wednesday, August 15, 2007


There you are in Wal-Mart and you remember you promised to take your 10-year old nephew fishing. What do you do? Whom do you call? The 30 Second Fisherman, of course! Not only is the website available on your iPhone, but many of the original episodes are on YouTube as well!

Need to know what rods to buy? Go straight to Combos (You only have five minutes to shop, right?). No $20-30 combos appealing? Get a Shakespeare Ugly Stick or Berkley Lightning rod, 6 ½ feet, $25; then a Shimano reel with Quick Fire II plainly visible! Black = $10, Silver = $30


30lb braid. (Spiderwire; Stealth if you can find it)


2/0 Extra Wide Gap (EWG), - Gamakatsu

3/0 circle - Gamakatsu

snelled #6. - Eagle Claw


1 package (brass or black; no way to know which are the right ones …)


Forget them


maybe; both cigar and ball are tricky to put/keep on line.


Anything Zoom; in black, red shad, chartreuse, white

Wow, that’s EVERYTHING in less than 30 seconds! (Oops, better learn to cast when you get home …and the easiest and fool-proof knot, the Palomar) Bait: take worms if you want, but chopped up cheese dogs do fine; use on snelled #6 hooks.

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