Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ice ... Fishing

Today I felt that a walk around my lake without a fishing rod would be a waste of good calories. I had just bought a pair of baby Gitzits and already lost one on the fly rod. How could I forget that 1/32 oz was too heavy for a short roll cast? So I took along a small spinning rod, which seemed to work -- except for the ice. I had checked the weather -- 40 degrees -- but there was ice on all 25 acres. I have more fishable surface area in my bathtub.

So I cast into the wee pockets I found, catching on sticks, leaves, and green algae. It is freezing and slimy, sticky algae was on my Gitzit. Apparently it was cold enough to freeze the wee tail off it, making it look like a glob of glue with a half-straightened hook in it.

It was a long, dull walk, until I decided on fishing, ice or not. The Gidzit made a chirping sound as it hit the ice, so I knew something must hear it. For all those summer evenings of being teased by big bass, I found my revenge: slow rolling my lure along the ice, out of reach, but not out of sight. Fast enough that it wouldn't stick, but slow enough that a bass could easily have chomped on it.

How could being so evil feel so good? I am sure Mother Nature has chalked one up on the dark side of the board and will claim atonement this spring ...

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